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In the following table you can see all the online treatments that we offer you, the detailed services that include each of them and the prices for which you can acquire them.

Once made the purchase of your treatment you will receive a mail of confirmation and we will contact you to coordinate the first consultation after verifying the most suitable schedule according to your availability and the time zone where you are in this moment.

Every treatment includes the consultation of initial valuation and six checkups. Once acquired the treatment you will have to complete a brief questionnaire by means of which we will be able to know some aspects about your nutritional situation, your health in general and your dietetic habits and tastes in order that when we contact you, we’d already be able to have a brief knowledge about you.


200 €


  • First consultation
  • Personalized diet
  • ---
  • Routine of recommended exercises
  • Adjustment of the diet in every checkup
  • Personal advising

      When you need more checkups those who are included in the packaging of complete treatment or to continue after first consultation, we make you it easy in order that you continue checkup to checkup or you can save your money while you look after yourself buying checkups in packaging of three.


40 €


  • Adjustment of the diet in every checkup


 Teléfonos:  (+34) 986 414 745 / 986 417 004

 Skype:         nutrendocenter 

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 Web:           www.nutrendocenter.com


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